Latin Words used in the Legion of Mary

Latin Words:
Pronunciations and their meaning in relation to the Legion of Mary.

Acies (AH-chee-ace) – The great annual re-consecration of Legionaries to Mary.

Adjutorian – An Auxiliary who is willing to attend daily Mass and receive Communion and who recites an approved Office of the Church.

Allocutio (ah-lo-COOT-see-o)- a talk by the Spiritual Director.

Auxiliary – A praying member of the Legion who is willing to recite a daily rosary and the prayers of the Tessera.

Catena (ca-TAY-na) – the chain of the Legion.

Comitium (co-MIT-see-um) – plural is Comitia (co-MIT-see-a) – a council governing 2 or more Curiae.

Curia (COO-ree-a), plural is Curiae (COO-ree-ay) – the lowest Legion council.

Exploratio Dominicalis (ex-plo-RAHT-see-o do-mi-ri-CAHL-iss), plural is Explorationes Dominicales (ex-plo-raht-see-OH-nace do-mi-ni-CAHL-ace) – a ‘Sunday Search for Souls” project done by a praesidium or sometimes by a couple praesidia having low membership.

Incola Mariae (IN-co-la ma-REE-ay); a plural is Incolae Mariae (IN-co-lay ma-REE-ay) – a Legion worker who moves to another area (often a foreign country) to extend the Legion at their own expense.

Maria Legionis (ma-REE-a lay-jee-OH-niss) – the magazine of the Legion of Mary (“The Legion’s Mary”).

Patricians – a Catholic discussion group run by the Legion.

Peregrinatio pro Christo (pe-re-gree-NAHT-see-o pro CREES-to); plural is Peregrinationes pro Christo (pe-re-gree-naht-see-OH-nace pro CREES-to) – a Journey for Christ, usually for two weeks, usually to a distant place(often a foreign)where door-to-door evangelization is done.

Praesidium (pray-SID-ee-um; plural is Praesidia (pray-SID-ee-a) a local group of the Legion of Mary.

Praetorian – an Active member of the Legion who recites the full Legion prayers and the rosary each day, and who is willing to attend daily Mass with Communion and who, in addition, recites the Divine Office.

Regia (RAY-jee-a); plural is Regiae (RAY-jee-ay) – a higher council of the Legion similar to a Senatus.

Senatus (se-NAH-tus); plural is Senatus’ (se-NAH-toose) – a higher council of the Legion governing a region.

Tessera (TESS-e-ra); plural is Tesserae (TESS-e-ray) – a small folder containing the Legion prayers; it identifies anyone in the world as being a Legionary.

Vexitium (vek-SILL-um); plural is Vesilla (vek-SILL-a) – the Standard on the Legion.