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The 33 Day Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary >>>

(Pray-along videos available)

A 33-day period of spiritual preparation, i.e., you follow spiritual exercises for 33 days, and the next day (34th) will be the Marian Feast on which you consecrate yourself to Jesus. Read More....

(Pray-along videos available)

The 54 Day Rosary Novena consists of five decades of the Rosary each day for 27 days in petition; then immediately five decades each day for 27 days in thanksgiving, whether or not the request has been granted. Read More....

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Anniversary Closing Mass

Nov 12, 2022 @ 12 noon (completed)

St Ignatius Loyola Parish
2810 St. Albans Drive.
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
phone: 610-678-3767

All are welcome !

Main Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Philip Maas
(Spir. Director of Our Lady of Montserrat praesidium)

Guest Homilist: Rev. Fr. Addisalem Mekonnen
(Spir. Director of Philadelphia Senatus)

Refreshments to follow in the school hall

A Plenary Indulgence for Legionaries -
Pope Francis -

A plenary indulgence has been granted to the Legion of Mary worldwide by his Holiness, Pope Francis on the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary.

“To increase the holiness of the faithful and for the salvation of souls, by virtue of the faculty granted to it in a special way by the Most Reverend Father in Christ and Our Master, the Lord Francis, by Divine Providence, Pope, having taken note of the requests made by Mary Murphy, President of the Association called the Legion of Mary, on the occasion of its one hundredth anniversary, the Apostolic Penitentiary graciously concedes from the heavenly treasures of the Church a plenary indulgence properly fulfilled under the usual conditions (sacramental Confession, Holy Communion and prayer for the intention of the Holy Pontiff) to the members of the association and to other members of the faithful who are truly penitent, to be gained from 7 September 2021 until 7 September 2022, which can be applied for the souls of the faithful detained in Purgatory by way of suffrage, if they visit any church of the said Association or wherever on pilgrimage and are present devoutly at the joyful celebrations, or at least recite the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed devoutly, with added pious appeals to the Blessed Virgin Mary The aged, the sick, and all who cannot leave home for a grave reason, can gain equally the Plenary Indulgence, having evinced a detestation of sin and a purpose of amendment, where first permitted, under the three usual conditions, if they join themselves spiritually to the joyful celebrations, offering the prayers, sorrows or misfortunes of their own lives to the mercy of God. In order to facilitate out of pastoral charity such visits for the reception of the divine forgiveness through the keys of the Church, this Penitentiary especially requests priests who have the faculties to hear the confessions of the said people, to make themselves available with prompt and generous heart for the celebration of Confession. This letter is only valid for this purpose. All other things to the contrary notwithstanding.”

Given at Rome, from the seat of the Apostolic Penitentiary,
on 7 of September, in the Year of Our Lord’s Incarnation 2021.
Regent: H.E. Mons. Krzysztof Józef Nykiel.