Prayer Intentions

PRAYER REQUESTS: Pls. email prayer intentions you wish to be published for the Legion of Mary members to pray for. Write your request exactly how it is to appear.

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We all know of someone, a friend, relative, or a family member who was affected by the Covid-19 virus. We may even know someone who died due to this pandemic. May we all cling to God and ask the healing power of Jesus who alone can end this world-wide pestilence. Let us always storm heaven to have mercy on us.

For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and for the perseverance of those already called. (4-6-21)

For an increase in membership of Legion of Mary. (4-6-21)

Conversion of sinners and those who have fallen away from a practice of their faith. (4-6-21)

for the poor souls in Purgatory (4-6-21)

For the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over the power of the Devil and his demons. (4-6-21)


A prayer request emailed on Jun 2022:

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to ask for prayers.

Would you be so kind as to pray daily for the Chinese President - Mr. Xi Jinping for me, please?

- for an outpouring of God's love upon him and for God's guidance and help in his work

Can you reach out to as many people from the Legion of Mary as you can and ask them to pray for Mr. Xi Jinping, please?

Immensely grateful to you for your help and kindness,

Our response:

Hello - we will do more than that.

We will add all the leaders of the world to be more compassionate for their people and promote world peace.

LOM admin.


Abuses within the church:

Let us pray for the change of heart on all involved and repentance for all.

Let us pray for peaceful intentions according to God's will and through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

St. Joseph, terror of demons, protect our families.


Received Aug 2022:

Please say a rosary for my wife Flavia who has Lupus, and always has pains. And for my son Noah who autistic suffering from spiritual afflictions / and aggressive behaviors towards his sister.

Please add them to your prayer list or intentions, in Jesus' name.