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Concilium Extracts for Sunday, April 3, 2022

SOUTH AMERICAARGENTINA - Buenos Aires Senatus: An amazing number of Legion activities have taken place all over the Senatus area. Public Rosaries have attracted many participants. Before and after the Rosary contacts are made. The youth committee organized this year’s 18-year-old plus retreat for youth. Parish retreats have achieved both infant and adult baptisms. Great joy was visible when the news arrived of the Centenary Plenary Indulgence. Alfie Lamb’s graveside celebration on 21st January again attracted huge crowds. They included non-stop rosaries in groups at the graveside, Mass in the local church and many street contacts.

EUROPE – POLAND - Lublin Regia: On 7th September legionaries from the Diocese participated in the Mass for the Centenary which was celebrated by the Archbishop and 26 Priests with several hundred people in attendance. Masses of thanksgiving were also celebrated in many of the other Dioceses. Reports were taken from 3 praesidia, 3 Curiae and 3 Comitia. Legionaries are engaging in talks on the faith to Parishioners, visitation of apartment blocks and giving much help in Parishes. Eight people were brought to the Sacrament of reconciliation.

AFRICA - DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO - Senatus of Kananga: The Senatus is composed of 3 Regiae. In the city of Kananga alone, they have 5 Comitia, 34 Curiae, 104 Praesidia, and 2,620 Legionaries. The Centenary was celebrated with Holy Mass in October by the Bishop of Kananga, Mons. Marcel Basanguka, in the military camp of St Augustine, in the presence of 8,200 Legionaries. A report taken at the January Senatus meeting from one of their Curiae “Mary Mother of Lourdes” shows a vast amount of Apostolic work, including recruitment of new members, Juniors and Auxiliaries, promotion of Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary, outreach to the sick in homes and hospitals, and care of orphans.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, March 13, 2022


Meetings have not been held due to Covid. Legionaries have been asked to attend Mass via webcam daily; recite daily the full Legion prayers and study the Handbook; attend Eucharistic Adoration online and keep in contact with members by whatever electronic means are available to them. Members tuned in to the Centenary Mass from Francis Street on 3 September and also had 3 Masses celebrated in their own country in Saigon and Hanoi marking the centenary and Our Lady’s birthday. 36 active members have died as a result of Covid. The legionaries in the Hang Xang parish report contacting a young man in 2005 who was drawn to the Catholic Church but didn’t receive the Eucharist. They invited him to join the RCIA and supported him throughout, he joined the Legion and was very active with extension. Two years after becoming a Catholic he joined the Redemptorists and was ordained on 26th October 2021.


Merida Senatus: The Senatus has commenced meeting in person. The Comitium Causa de Nuestra Alegría set up four new praesidia since the last report. 10 couples regularized their marriage, 29 adults and 20 children were baptized and 122 received the sacrament of the sick. In the November Senatus meeting it was reported from Tuxtla Gutierrez that a child was cured of cancer through the intercession of Frank Duff. María Immaculada Comitium has 25 Curiae and 15 praesidia affiliated, one of which is in the state prison. Home visitation is carried out extensively. Forty-nine homes accepted the Enthronement of their homes to the Sacred Heart. Legionaries lead the Rosary and prayers at wakes.


Brazzaville: Visitation of attached councils and praesidia is undertaken monthly and a brief report given at the Senatus meeting. Our Lady of the Trinity Comitium has 1,200 active members who undertake works of teaching catechism, outreach to couples and the lapsed, and visitation of the sick. Between June and September, visitation took place to three of their Curiae and four praesidia. The three Comitia in the north of the country are part of the new archdiocese of Owando which was established by Pope Francis in 2020.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, February 6, 2022



The Senatus of Santo Domingo celebrated their 75th Anniversary of the Legion there which coincides with the Worldwide Centenary. At this Mass, celebrated by the Archbishop, two priests testified on how the Legion of Mary helped their vocation. Many legionaries, active and auxiliary, died due to Covid. The November Mass for the deceased legionaries was widely celebrated.

Senatus of Santiago de los Caballeros is meeting, but attendance is limited and some reports have not yet been furnished.


Regia of Trinidad and Tobago: Minutes of the August Regia meeting show the pandemic restricts many apostolates but they are encouraging continuous prayer. Three praesidia gained new members.


Puerto Rico Senatus: The country has been in lockdown for most of 2021. They held a Senatus meeting in October and November, but no reports were submitted by praesidia or councils.


Haiti Senatus: Despite the recent earthquake, home and prison visitation takes place, plus visits to the sick. Legionaries also accompany their priests on sick calls. Other work includes preparing people for the Sacraments. Visitation of councils and praesidia continues and two officers were re-elected. All the foregoing councils reported holding Centenary Mass celebrations with their Bishops or Spiritual Directors providing gracious and inspiring homilies. Restrictions prohibited full attendances, but Masses were live streamed. Outdoor Marian processions, visiting Marian shrines, Centenary Conferences and Workshops on the History of Legion also featured in celebrations.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, December 5, 2021

AFRICA - MAURITIUS - Rodrigues Regia: The last report from Regia of Mauritius (13th September) makes for sad reading. While wishing the Concilium a joyful anniversary, the secretary reports the anguish of the members at not being able to celebrate the occasion as they would have wished. The second wave of the pandemic hit them harder than the first. Although some praesidia continued to meet while keeping the rules, they could not visit the sick, etc. Their annual pilgrimage to Holy Cross shrine was curtailed. It was only on the 11th of September that the first Regia meeting since February was held. They organize prayer meetings via Zoom, What’s App and Google Teams. Two Thanksgiving Masses were held on 7th September. They finish by wishing congratulations to all the members and long life to the Legion of Mary.

EUROPE - AUSTRIA - Senatus of Austria: Centenary celebrations in Vienna started with Mass on September 3rd followed by street apostolate. On Saturday 4th September there was a procession with the Rosary to St. Stephen’s Cathedral followed by Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop. The attendance was approximately 600. On Sunday 5th of September a Mariological congress was held and the celebrations concluded with Holy Mass in the Cathedral. Extension efforts are ongoing. A praesidium of 10 members and 44 auxiliaries visits families of first Holy Communion children with the statue of Our Lady, street apostolate and visits to auxiliaries. 2 legionaries do catechises for Albanians. A Persian praesidium of 4 members care for Persians who are preparing for or are newly baptized. Plans are in progress for a second Persian praesidium in Vienna. Innisbruck Comitium and Salzburg Curia are both engaged in recruiting and extension. Graz and Klagenfurt Comitium carried out a mini PPC was in Villach where 23 young and 7 young at heart legionaries took part. Contacts were made with over 1000 people. The upper Austria Curia attached to the Comitium had a statue of St Joseph in circulation on the occasion of the year of St. Joseph.

ASIA – INDONESIA - Jakarta Senatus: Meetings are taking place on line. On 7th June the Senatus successfully launched ‘Can we be Saints’ and ‘Frank Duff: one of the best’ in Indonesian language versions on the occasion of a webinar attended by 400 on Zoom and thousands on YouTube. Other events held to mark the Centenary included a virtual choir competition with 500 participants. The canvas banner with the Centenary Logo, which had been travelling through the Senatus area, reaching places as far away as Sumatera Island and Kalimantan, returned for the closing Mass on 11th September. This was celebrated by Cardinal Ignatius with 100 attending.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, November 7, 2021

CENTRAL AMERICA – NICARAGUA - Regia of Managua: The Regia continues to hold monthly meetings with a smaller attendance. Every Saturday a Legion program is broadcast from Radio Maria. Reports indicate that legionaries have been participating in the various parish activities – such as sanitizing and cleaning of churches etc. All councils organized a Mass on or near the 7th of September as well as a Dawn Rosary on the 4th of September. An attached praesidium maintains contact with some parishioners via the telephone and the recitation of the Rosary via Facebook.

EUROPE - IRELAND - DUBLIN - Our Lady of Fatima Curia: As parish centers and rooms are not yet opened to the public, praesidium and Curia meetings have yet to resume. Sadly, some active members have had to cease active membership for health and/or family reasons. For the Legion Centenary, members of one praesidium erected the Legion altar beside Our Lady’s altar in the parish church. It was on display for two days. A framed picture of Frank Duff was placed on Our Lady’s altar. Prayer and explanatory leaflets with a contact number for the local praesidium were placed nearby. At Mass on Tuesday 7th of September, the parish priest gave a short but inspiring few words on the Legion and appealed for new members, resulting in some inquiries about the Legion from parishioners.

ASIA – MYANMAR: The Legion’s Centenary was marked by each council arranging an online Eucharistic celebration. The aim was thanksgiving and to pray for departed legionaries. Some events were live streamed. A few could not hold events even online due to the civil war. 100 participated on Zoom for the Senatus celebration with the Senatus and 4 Comitia hosting daily from 10 to 11.30 a.m. They said it was a joy for members to see each other.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, October 3, 2021

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, October 3, 2021

North America

CANADA: Toronto Senatus: 227 new subscribers were signed up for Maria Legionis. An online conference and workshop, in May had 204 legionaries attending. In Ottawa Regia, Zoom facilitated seminars and links with Concilium to ‘Fridays with Frank’, ‘Rosary & Ramblings’ and celebrating St. Joseph’s Year. The Scarborough Comitium had 140 attending a virtual retreat conducted by their Spiritual Director, Fr. Bryk, and with the theme, ‘Call to holiness’.

USA: Philadelphia Senatus: The Senatus was commended on keeping their website up-to-date at this time. Works permitted in Pittsburgh Regia included Pilgrim Statue visits, rosary rallies, and distributing scapulars and prayer shawls. They held virtual men’s conferences, bible study and phone calls to auxiliaries and the sick. Allentown Curia attended rosary rallies and sent prayer cards to nursing homes and to prisoners. Bucks County Curia visited police stations, EMT’s and fire departments with MMs and literature. The Editor of Maria Legionis, Sr. Edel Lukens has maintained production of the journal for the USA during the pandemic.

Houston Senatus: Northwest Curia continued the October Rosary Challenge for the 5th year by contacting about 600 people by emails, texts, Facebook and phone calls with good results. In May, the Senatus celebrated the 77th Anniversary of the death of Venerable Edel Quinn with a Rosary and Holy Mass.

WEST INDIES: Dominican Republic: Santiago de los Caballeros Senatus, some praesidia resumed and communications with all the councils is good. Handbook study is encouraged. Centenary celebrations will begin on 4 September in the Grotto of Our Lady of Altagracia. Different councils will host activities throughout the year. Their weekly radio program transmitted by Radio Light and Facebook is giving great results. A Marian Jubilee year commenced on 15 August to honour the one hundred years of the Coronation of “Our Lady of Altagracia” as their Patron.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, September 12, 2021

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, September 12, 2021

EUROPE – ITALY - Rome Senatus:

While in lockdown sends a monthly newsletter to Councils. Some are meeting and keeping in regular contact with the Senatus.

Rimini Comitium started extension in San Marino and Cesena, but difficulty in continuing for the present. The Senatus is unable to fulfil their planned Centenary celebrations. Spiritual Director Mons. La Rosa is arranging for legionaries to join with Pope Francis on the 5th Sept. in reciting the Angelus in St Peters Square after which the Pope will give a short message for the legionaries.

Pavia Curia are restricted to meeting at the Church. Legionaries are giving Catechism classes. The Acies to be held later. A visit to Rome on the 5th Sept. discussed. No communication was received from Genoa Comitium.

Turin praesidia: Two praesidia in the city, one continues to hold its meetings and organized the Acies. The other started last year, now closed, however, they pray a virtual rosary daily.

Asti Curia is holding virtual meetings and are doing a virtual apostolate and help with activities in the Sanctuary.

Padua Comitium has 7 praesidia directly attached. Comitium meetings still not allowed. Some praesidia hold meetings however, legion work is not done. Legionaries keep in touch by phone and letters and ask for prayers at this difficult time. Some legionaries have died including Fr. Raffacle who was quite young and a great supporter of the Legion, leaving a huge void.

AFRICA – UGANDA - Uganda Senatus:

The recent total lockdown has eased but Churches will remain closed for the present. Sadly, a large number of people have died due to the Corona Virus including legionaries and Legion meetings are in abeyance. Legionaries are praying the Legion Prayers from their homes and especially at the time they would be at their Praesidia meetings. A number of Curiae have formed Rosary Groups following the 24 HR Rosary Initiative.

On 7th September the Centenary Celebrations will be inaugurated with Mass at Nsambya Parish, where Venerable Edel was received on arrival in Uganda. Mass will be celebrated in English with a small attendance. Legionaries will follow the Mass on Radio Maria Uganda. Concilium will be notified of further Centenary events. In the last few months, the Senatus suffered the loss of the Archbishop of Kampala, His Grace Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who was very supportive of the Legion and a short while later the Spiritual Director Fr. Walakira died after a long illness.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, June 13, 2021


Concilium Extracts for Sunday, June 13, 2021

All extracts today are from Mexico to show differences between regions.

Mexico City Senatus: The Senatus printed the Spanish version of Miracles on Tap and it has already been widely distributed. They are now planning to print “A Man for Our Times”. The Senatus has been keeping in touch with attached councils by Zoom. They encouraged the Puebla Regia to hold Virtual Regia meetings. Plans for the Centenary celebrations include study of Miracles on Tap. Attached councils have been asked to submit a short video competition on one of the 3 Causes or Miracles on Tap. Praesidia are being encouraged to set up junior praesidia. The Comitium of Oaxaca reports the presence of the Legion in 2 of the 3 dioceses and 1 of the 2 prelatures.

Merida Senatus: The Senatus continues to hold the Senatus meetings by virtual means. It is a means of keeping in contact with the attached councils and praesidia, they are also keeping in touch by digital means. Most of the active legionaries are helping in their parishes with stewarding and cleaning.

Comitium Nuestra Señora De la Anunciacion reported very sad news, the death of 130 legionaries from Covid-19. A praesidium reported 8 Frank Duff prayer meeting groups and one Patrician group.

Monterrey Regia: The Regia have returned to meet in person very recently. Legion works have been reduced and where possible carried out with caution. Some works are praying with the families of deceased. Little processions through the streets, encouraging the families to put an altar in the doorway and to receive the blessing of the priest. Leading the Miraculous Medal novena and distributing the medal.

Guadalajara Regia: The Regia has returned to meeting in person in April. A number of praesidia have also returned to meeting in person. They carried out works which were possible and helpful during the Pandemic such as Rosaries at wakes and funerals, inviting parishioners to take part in parish activities by Zoom and other permitted parish works, helping with the Internet activity in the parish.

Durango Regia: With the exception of a few praesidia in remote areas all meetings are held by Zoom. The correspondent encourages them to be positive and creative although they haven’t been sending correspondence except by WhatsApp. The bishops in the attached Comitium of Mazatlan area encourage care and caution, they also asked the legionaries to care for the priests of the dioceses. A number of priests have died from Covid-19. The president of the Comitium is very active even though her husband died recently.

Hermosillo Regia: The Regia and attached councils have continued meeting but mostly by Zoom. Their Spiritual Director outlined the value of personal contact and encouraged return to normal meetings as soon as permitted. The attached Curia of Tijuana is preparing a programme to celebrate the year of St. Joseph. Contact with the sick and house bound is made by telephone. Covid-19 restrictions are observed while reciting outdoor rosaries.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, Sunday, May 16, 2021


Concilium Extracts for Sunday, May 16, 2021

SOUTH AMERICA – PERU - Senatus of Lima: Since November 2020, three Praesidia, 10 Curiae and 5 Comitia have reported. The Praesidia meet physically but the councils meet virtually, with the exception of 3 Curiae in Huancavelica where the Spiritual Directors provided rooms big enough to allow the Curiae to meet physically and still satisfy the safety protocols. Elderly legionaries without phones are visited. A novena was organized for the success of the Centenary. A three-day online Art and Spirituality workshop in honor of Frank Duff was organized by the Senatus. The Senatus officers join the virtual meetings of those councils reporting in a particular month. One of the benefits of the pandemic is that distant councils now virtually attend the Senatus meeting; the February meeting had 157 in ‘attendance’ online.

ASIA – PHILIPPINES - Western Visayas Senatus: Church organizations are still not permitted to open. They are discussing the Centenary. The Legion in the Archdiocese of Jaro celebrated its 75th Anniversary Mass on September 7th 2020 online. Cebu Senatus: No meetings taking place yet, some virtual meetings and Rosary gatherings take place. The correspondent writes monthly and gives information about the online initiatives organized by Deus et Patria such as the Mary Conferences, daily Rosary etc. Bicolandia Senatus and Mindano Senatus: Corespondents write monthly - little news coming forth and no meetings taking place since February 2020 except a few in the south of the country. Senatus of Northern Philippines: (Manila) No meetings as yet, though Zoom Senatus meetings take place. Senatus discuss the Centenary and have a request to the Archbishop for a centenary prayer for each month leading up to September celebrations.

IRISH PROVINCIAL REPORT – Cork Comitia: The President keeps in contact with all the attached praesidia and councils on a regular basis. They all report that they are in good spirits, miss their meetings, and the social aspect as well. Speaking to some of the legionaries, they report that they phone each other on a regular basis. Some praesidia arrange to have a Spiritual Rosary at a particular time of the day among the members. One praesidium holds a weekly Zoom meeting with members joining from Dublin and Manchester. The Comitium is currently planning their Acies to be held virtually at the end of the month. The plan is to hold the Acies at St. Mary’s Church, Popes Quay with two to three members of the local praesidium attending to represent the Comitium and the attached councils. It will be streamed live on YouTube. Queen of Peace Curia hold Zoom meetings.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, May, 2021

Concilium Extracts for May, 2021

SOUTH AFRICA – Senatus of Lesotho: Normally has a three-day conference in December. Due to Covid it could not be held in 2020. Instead a similar one-day event took place on Radio Maria Lesotho commencing at 8 a.m. and concluding with Mass at 5 p.m. The day included talks and discussion. The main contributor was Fr. Sekoati who unfortunately has since died. The Senatus Spiritual Director, Fr. Tiaba was to be the main celebrant at the funeral and sadly he died on his way to it. Due to a second lockdown legion meetings have not been held since Christmas. It is hoped to have Acies ceremonies on 27th March on Radio Maria if not possible publicly.

NEW ZEALAND - Auckland Senatus: Works reported; door to door visitation, statue visitation and DVD Catholic Movie nights. 2 homes enthroned to the Sacred Heart. 71 Brown Scapular enrolments in one curia area and 27 in another praesidium. 80 attended a Rosary procession in October. The primary schools are visited to promote and recite the Rosary. A praesidium of 12 had 2 marriages rectified, 4 returns to Mass, l death bed conversion and 2 cancer patients received into the church.


Senatus of Northern Philippines. (Manila) No meetings as yet, though Zoom Senatus meetings take place. Senatus discuss the Centenary and have a request to the Archbishop for a centenary prayer for each month leading up to September celebrations.

Cebu Senatus: No meetings taking place yet, some virtual meetings and Rosary gatherings take place. The correspondent writes monthly and gives information about the online initiatives organised by Deus et Patria such as the Mary Conferences, daily Rosary etc.

Concilium Extracts for Sunday, April 11, 2021


Concilium Extracts for Sunday, April 11, 2021

SOUTH AMERICAARGENTINA Buenos Aires Senatus: A 10-day Peregrinatio Pro Christo project on Zoom was carried out by legionaries from Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Home visitation was the main apostolate done by the pairs of legionaries who had contacts lasting from 20 minutes to an hour. Those visited were amazed and thrilled to be contacted. The normal PPC daily program was followed. A weeklong parish mission was also done on Zoom with a priest, a nun and 10 legionaries. Families in Colombia and Mexico were visited, and a good dialogue was possible. Each day Mass and Adoration were part of the invitation given to those visited. The Senatus have monthly committee meetings for correspondents, Alfie Lambe group, extension, PPC, centenary program, school for officers, and handbook study committee. These meetings have a good attendance. A legionary said recently it is easy to recruit new members for her virtual Praesidium meeting. She even got members of her family to join her Praesidium. The Senatus had their first Legion congress on Zoom with 96 legionaries present from their directly affiliated Praesidia. In one area of Argentina, it is possible now to have weekly Praesidia meetings in the parish. Home to home visitation has restarted when the two legionaries converse with families at the 2-meter distance. Some legionaries say it is a great time for Legion work and prayer as we have more time to give to the things in life that are important.

EUROPE – HUNGARY Budapest Regia: This report covers August and September Regia meetings. Due to the pandemic the President advised legionaries to keep contact via phone. A letter is being sent each month from the Regia whether there is a meeting or not. The Acies ceremony was held by each council and those who were unable to attend made it in their own homes. A significant work of the Regia is the nine-hour Vigil which has been running for 23 years from 8pm each Thursday to 5am Friday in the chapel of St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest. On March 26th 2020, they were forced to cease this Vigil. From May 21st they started live streaming it on YouTube until the second wave of the pandemic reached dangerous proportions. At the August and September Regia meetings reports were received from 3 praesidia and 3 Curiae. Works include visitation of elderly in hospitals, recitation of prayers with the sick in social welfare homes, helping the sick to get to Mass, support to families living on the edge of society and care of the church. Legionaries in one Curia remarked that during the pandemic there is an increased demand for God.