Three Causes Report for Sunday, April 11, 2021

Words of Life on Mary by Edel Quinn

Our Lady, dwelling-place of the Trinity.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a symbol of God’s love.

Mary our Mother, this title means more than “Our Lady”. Often remember Christ’s words: “Son, behold thy Mother.”

Mary, Mother of the life of our souls. Turn to her in all circumstances so that she may teach us to love Jesus, to serve the Father, to become like a child in our attitude – trusting utterly, never doubting, showing loving tenderness in the little things.

No one knows better than our Mother to whom we belong what is best for others. Pray to her that God’s Will be done in them. Souls in sin, souls dear to us but not in grace, Legionary souls who have served Mary and gone astray – for all these we can importune Mary to intercede with her Son. It is surely His Will that they come back. Therefore, there is no lack of submission to God’s Will in pleading – it is a duty. Ask and you shall receive. Mary our Mother cannot be refused.